Hello there!

If you’ve stumbled across Believe in ME, Welcome!

My names Beki and I’m so happy you are here. This blog post is a little bit about me and how Believe in Me began so that you can get to know us a bit better.

A little about me…

Im 32 and married to an amazing man called Gareth. We have been together since we were 16 and have been married for the last 12 years, he is my biggest supporter and all round awesome guy! We have 4 children, 3 beautiful girls aged 11, 9 and 5 and our precious firstborn son who went straight to heaven. I am a Christian and have a personal relationship with God. My faith is the backbone to everything that I do and my life has been transformed by God’s goodness and faithfulness throughout the ups and downs of life.

Teal is my favourite colour. Nature is my happy place, walking in the forest listening to the birds makes me happy. I love the sea, the sky and all things blue, we recently moved from Blackpool to Worksop so I am missing the sea but enjoying the fields instead. Blues and greens are definitely my side of the colour spectrum!

Writing and painting are generally my creative outlets but I’d love to learn how to spin pots on a wheel one day too.

Where it all began…

Around 2 years ago my husband was working away, he was an actor touring the country doing theatre in schools. It was a job he loved but also came with sacrifice, he was away midweek for months at a time so we only got to see him at weekends. As a close family this was really tough but we felt the grace for it in this season.

We felt his time doing that job was coming to an end but he had to work out his contract. The grace lifted but we still had a month to go and that’s when I felt completely overwhelmed by life, looking after 3 children on your own is HARD and I learnt a lot in that season. Learning about myself and how capable and independent I actually am was inspiring but I also learnt that I have limits and need to rest.

I started to struggle with anxiety in a way that I hadn’t before, this time it felt crippling and it stopped me doing the things I wanted to do. Depression also showed up and it became a very dark time for me. You can read a blog post I wrote around that time here.

Something needed to change….

Something needed to change, I had been having inner healing sessions with a coach and during one of those sessions I came out with 4 truths – I am worthy, I am Beautiful, I am Enough and I am Loved. I wrote them on post it notes and stuck them to my mirror. Reading them each morning and speaking them out over myself helped. I needed to hear God’s truth in the midst of the darkness. I needed to hold onto those words of life.

As life re-adjusted and I came out of that testing time I had the urge to create a set of cards of my own. I’d looked at affirmation cards but none of them seemed quite right for me, were the wrong colour or didn’t align with my beliefs.

I knew I wanted them to spark a sense of worth and be beautiful to look at. I wrote down some ideas and found someone to help me make my dream a reality. The lovely Dawn at Pretty Branding did just that. After lots of discussions, trial and error we came up with a design that I loved. My branding colours are Teal & Gold. The teal represents me (and you) and the gold was inspired my the Japanese art of Kintsukuroi where broken pottery is repaired with gold and it is considered to be more beautiful than before.

Believe in ME

The name Believe in ME came from a decision I made to choose to Believe in myself. I chose to go after my dreams, to stop listening to the lies and to chase the fullness of life that God intended for me. A decision that took me from I can’t to I CAN Believe in ME.

And that is my heart for you too. I am passionate about seeing women embracing themselves and walking as they were created to be full of courage and strength. Everybody has gold within them, treasures to be discovered and shared and I can’t wait for you to share yours.