Dear Heart,

It’s been a while since we really talked. I’m sorry I’ve not shown you the love and affection you deserve.

You have been through so much over the years. You have been beaten and bruised by others and by me. I should have been kinder, I’m sorry for taking my hurt and frustration out on you.

You are strong. You have given pieces of yourself to others so selflessly and sometimes they have not been treasured the way that they should. That must have really hurt you, but you carry on. You keep trying.

I know you felt broken when you walked through the grief of baby loss, you felt torn and raw, you longed to stay connected. I think you are so brave and I love that you have a special place to hold all the memories of those dearest to you.

I’m sorry for the times that I’ve shut you in and tried to protect you. I thought I was doing the right thing but I see now that you need to feel, even when it hurts. Its who you are. I promise not to shut you down again.

You are free to be you, to create and to just be. I love you heart, just as you are. Beautifully you. You bear scars of your past but they make you interesting and unique. You beat with a rhythm that is in time with your maker. The love you pour out into me is so rich and sweet.

I love that we can work together instead of against each other. We have come so far and I wouldn’t want to do this without you.

Thinking of you,

Mind x



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