Do you have a set of affirmation cards that you don’t know what to do with?

Or maybe you been thinking of getting some but are not sure if you’ll use them?

Affirmation cards have words on them that affirm you. They can be declarations, positive statements or encouragements that build your self worth and promote a positive mindset.

I created a set of cards almost 2 years ago and have found that I use them in different ways. Putting the work in and using them daily has made a big difference to me so I thought I’d share some ideas with you!


Your voice holds power. When you speak out loud, you hear yourself speaking truth over yourself.

You can go through your pack of cards and speak out each affirmation or you can choose one or two for the day and repeat them.

I tend to declare them over and over until I feel a change in my spirit. Its like there’s a point where it changes from my head to my heart and I begin to believe what I’m saying, so I make sure I get to that point with my chosen cards. Some days it takes longer than others!

Some days you may want to whisper them as you are walking and some days you may want to stand on a hill top and shout!


Put them on your fridge, mirror, dashboard, cupoard, front door, inside a lunchbox etc etc Anywhere that you will see it is a good place!

Affirmation cards can be used as visual reminders, we often sub-consciously read things as we walk past so the more positive statements around the better.

I started with 4 I AM statements on my mirror which i would read over and over as I got ready in the morning and again at night.

Writing declarations on sticky notes can really help to change your mindset in the moment so I always keep some close by.


Journalling is a wonderful way to get your thoughts and feelings out, process things, dig deep and hear from God.

Affirmation cards make great journal prompts and give a focus for your journalling session.

Find a quiet calm space, choose a card (for example I am enough), let your mind ponder on how the words make you feel and then journal a few questions.

An example may be –  In which situations do I not feel enough? Has anybody contributed to the lie that I am not enough? What is the truth?


Affirmation cards don’t have to stay in the house. They are the perfect size for taking out and about with you.

Keeping some in your car or handbag can be really helpful especially if you suffer with anxiety or journal on the go.

I have put them inside notebooks before when I’ve had to speak or do a presentation as a reminder that I can do it.

Carrying them around with you means you’ll always have them handy when you need them!


Has anyone ever given you something at the exact moment you needed it?

Words of encouragement are powerful. Affirmation cards are the perfect little gift to show someone you care.

You can gift them a whole set so that they can use them daily or you can give out single cards to specific people when they need them.

The cards may even have space to write a little note or bible verse on to bless that person.


These are just a few ways you can use your cards, Id love to hear how you use yours! You can follow me over on instagram.

If you’d like to buy some Believe in ME affirmation cards, you’ll find them HERE