Dear Heart,

I feel you expanding.

I feel the discomfort in the stretching.

I feel the excitement bubbling and the passion running through my veins.

I am torn between ‘I’m ready’ and ‘I can’t do this’.

I have often held you so tightly that you couldn’t move, restricting the flow and controlling the beat. I’m sorry for boxing you in and holding you back.

I release you to dream again, bigger than ever before. You are free to dance and sing in your own unique way.

Oh heart, I am proud that you are mine.

I love you so very much, I know I haven’t always accepted the way you do things, but its time for that to change.

I embrace you and all that you are, all that you carry and all that you choose to give. No longer will I halt you in your tracks because of the ‘shoulds’.

Mind carries wisdom and you carry soul and together we can work in unity, in wholeness to walk a path of joy.

Oh to feel joy again.

You have given me glimpses of it in recent weeks and I felt the delight run through my body. Like a child, not a care in the world, running free, laughing and at peace.

Accepting myself as I am has been a journey, but you never gave up on me, you never stopped loving me. Your constant love, acceptance and hope have carried me through the years even though I haven’t always loved you back.

I cannot do this without you, I don’t want to. Let’s do this together, let’s step in time and love those around us well.

Oh heart I love you.

I promise to give you a voice, to share you and to honour your treasures.

Beki x


Beki is the founder of Believe in ME. She loves seeing women walk in wholeness with their creator.

You can find out about working with Beki 1:1 HERE and you can also find her on Instagram.