Dear Heart,

Goodbye 2019- thanks for the lessons.
Well what a crazy year it’s been! So much unexpected and unplanned for. So much pain and love. So much devotion and survival. Whatever way I ponder this I see my beautiful Saviour through every moment, time and season. I’m so glad that he resides here, heart.
The word over the first part of this past year was REST. In fact, I think the word over my life is rest. I didn’t realise what a struggle it has been in stormy seasons, to take time to rest and the integral part of being able to function, that this actually is.
I always want to look after you, beautiful heart, but it has not always been a priority. The sombre truth is, that looking after this wonderful heart of mine is something that I am charged with-it is truly a gift.
For the first time ever in my life I had literal heart care in the form of a cardiologist! It’s been a roller coaster to navigate but the joy from the retrospective journey is that the results of an MRI scan show that you, my heart are ‘normal’ and are functioning well.
Before the results or even the scan, in the waiting for results and the appointments and the fear, God has always whispered ‘I am holding your heart’. How beautiful that being held by him, begins in my innermost being. He whispered this to me the morning before anything had even happened as a heads up to me to show he is caring for me so very deeply.
God is in everything, he goes before and behind, he hems me in and supplies for my every need.
In order to rest, dear heart, this can only truly be done well, to know where the heart rests and resides. The safe, firm, wonderful hands of the creator are where rest is available and assigned to.
And so it is Hello to 2020 which is well underway now, I’m ready for you…
It begins a new chapter for you, my heart, which is full of dreaming and sacrifice, surrendering what has been seen and done for the future possibilities of what He whispers could be. Whatever this heart journey holds I am truly grateful for this – the One who is holding my heart is faithful and true!
I love how each season is a total set up for the next – seen or unseen, planned or winging it, dear heart, you have a way of making new things seem enticing, something that I cannot say no to. So, I am happy for you to lead me, not just my head, I choose your guidance and to run into the adventure that awaits! Let’s go…
All my love ❤️ Rachael
Rachael Thomas is the leader and heart of Evoke Her Beauty, a movement that puts value upon women and brings God’s word into everyday life. She lives in South Manchester with her husband Daniel and two gorgeous little girls Morgan and Lily. Rachael enjoys recording messages for Premier Christian Radio as well as cooking, exercising and dancing around the house!
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