Dear Heart,
I’ve been thinking about how you beat within me, blanketed under my skin, imprisoned within my rib cage. Completely isolated from the outside world.
And yet.
Somehow, you connected to the hearts around me. You synchronised with the rhythm of the beats of the closest hearts.
I know this, because when my brothers beat suddenly stopped. You broke. You ached. You shattered. So many pieces that I never thought I’d find a way to put them together again.
There’s was a beat within me once more. It wasn’t mine. As my son grew within my belly, you listened to that tiny heart beating. As it grew stronger so did you. And though there will always be a part of you missing now, you found a way to make it work.
My sons heartbeat is no longer within me. It pounds earth-side, louder each moment. Free to explore, to find it’s own rhythm. And on the days you miss a beat, I know to hold him close so you can hear him once more. To remind you that you can and you will keep beating.
Sarah x
Sarah Haile is a Mother, Wife and Photographer based in Abergavenny, South Wales. Since her transformation into Motherhood she uses her camera to celebrate and empower the journeys of the Mothers she meets.
….she also quite likes speaking in the third person..
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