Dear heart

Sorry I’ve forgotten you over these last 3 years.

I haven’t shown you the love you deserve, I haven’t been grateful for you. You’ve been hurting more than I’ll never know. I’m sorry for the time’s you’ve tried to show me love and I’ve ignored you, and you’ve been broken. I’m sorry for the times you’ve tried to show me that’s it’s all gonna be ok and giving me a sense of peace and I’ve pushed you away.

I’m beginning to trust you again and grateful for the love you’re giving me. Slowly together, we are working to be a new, changed , more confident me and most importantly a Loved me.

I can see the Love you have given me is to share with others, some is to keep and restore but most is to share with others. I thank you for the change you are making in me while on this Journey. Together as we build the trust and I learn to listen and feel you we can do immeasurably more than we ever imagined!!!! Please accept my apologies and  I’m looking forward to our journey together

Love from me x


I’m Lorraine ( but prefer Lou lolly or Rainy ) from Preston. I’m a TA in a reception class and love my job. I have been registered blind but it won’t stop me living life to the full…. being on this journey I’m learning lots about myself… and it’s all for good.