In this time where words seem hard to bring together in a format that makes sense. I am instead allowing the unjumbling of the past to happen. I am aware that it is happening but I am also not fully aware of what IS happening. It’s a weird state of flux. Yet in the fluidity of emotions and thoughts that seem hard to grasp I feel a bubble of peace that speaks ‘it’s ok’.


It’s ok not to know.

It’s ok to slow down.

It’s ok to just be.

It’s ok to feel all the feels.

It’s ok.


I find myself instead coming back to the question – God what are YOU doing?

This time in lockdown has stripped everything else away. The perfectionism, the busyness, the whirlwind of ‘life’ are no longer priority and we have been left reflecting on what has been and what will be.

I feel like I’m being drawn closer to God’s heart, I can hear the beat and the song loudly again. As I rest in him my heartbeat begins to sync with his and everything starts to make more sense. Not because I have the answers but because I no longer need them. I have everything I need right there; peace that goes beyond understanding, a peace that defies circumstances.

It’s time to stop striving and to start re calibrating.

A shift is happening both in circumstances and in mindsets, what were priorities no longer are. Our hearts cry out in worship and prayer. People who have never prayed are lifting their eyes and their voices in hope.

Hope is our war cry in this uncertainty. Gratitude is our weapon. Peace is our reward.