Wellbeing tips for the lockdown period

It’s important to look after both your physical and mental wellbeing generally but especially now we are in this lock down period. There is so much ‘noise’ on social media it can all feel a bit too much.

Everything can feel overwhelming or out of ‘whack’, our routines have changed, some may be busier, some may be slower. Whatever your days look like, it’s important to look after YOU and fill your cup.

If we constantly give out to others but don’t take care of our own wellbeing we begin to burn out or feel resentment.

Spa days, long country walks and coffee dates with friends are all off the menu at the moment, which actually helps to strip it back to what self-care actually is. It is the small acts of putting yourself first, showing yourself kindness and giving your body and mind what it needs.

We are all unique and have different needs. Take a moment to write a list of things that help you to feel relaxed, make you happy or fill your cup. I’ve listed a few suggestions below that you may find helpful too!


Worship/Prayer/Meditation – Connecting your heart back to God’s and spending time in his presence fills you up spiritually and brings your focus from a worldly view back to a heavenly one.


Exercise – Believe me exercise is never top of my list but since I have been doing 15mins with my girls each morning it has really given me a boost. Getting the blood pumping and the endorphins flowing will benefit both your physical and mental wellbeing.


Healthy Eating – Comfort eating is hard to battle when you are stuck inside but creating healthy meals and having fruit for a snack can make a huge difference to your energy levels.


Pamper – Have a bath, paint your nails, get dressed. Do something that makes you feel loved, and beautiful.


Water – Our bodies are made up mostly of water so we need to make sure we stay hydrated and drinking lots will also help to flush out any nasties and keep our minds and skin fresh.


Sunshine – Oh how a bit of sunshine makes a difference! Although we are at home we fortunately still have the opportunity to get out for a short walk, see nature and get our bodies moving. Even if you are staying at home long term, open a window or sit in the garden to get a dose of vit D.


Connection – Connection is key. Reach out to the safe people in your life, keep communication lines open.


Affirmations – Speak life over yourself and create a positive mindset.


Journalling – Write it all out! Everything that is in your head, get it down on paper!!


To Do – Writing a short to do list each day with simple things like eat breakfast, Put a wash on, ring mum etc can help you have a focus and also feel like you’ve achieved something when all the days seem to be rolling into one.

This list is by no means exhaustive, do what makes you feel good. Carve out time for yourself each day whether that’s 5 minutes or 2 hours, it will make a difference. One of my favourite Disney quotes is from the new live action Cinderella movie – Have courage and be kind – It sums up life at the moment beautifully. Keep taking those small courageous steps and be kind to yourself and others in the process. You’ve got this!