Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Believe in ME

Believe in ME General Data Protection Regulation Policy (GDPR)

1.1 What data does Believe in ME collect?

When an order is placed via social media, etsy or the website we ask for the following information in order to process your items and dispatch them to you;
Full Name
This data includes your location, often your payment id (Paypal id name for example).
All payments paid via our etsy store, Stripe or Paypal are secure and WE CANNOT SEE NOR KEEP ANY PAYMENT DETAILS SUCH AS YOUR CARD INFORMATION ETC.

During 1:1 coaching sessions notes may be made to give to the client or kept for records to inform future sessions.

1.2 How do we collect this data?

This data is supplied to Believe in ME at the checkout process via Stripe,PayPal, Etsy, Facebook or Instagram.
Customers also receive an email from PayPal and third-party e-commerce holders confirming a purchase has been made and the address you have requested we send the items to.

Coaching records may be on paper or a secure electronic device.

1.3 Why do we collect this data?

We require your Full Name & Address so that we can send your parcel to the correct place of residence once it has been completed.. All contact information is solely for the use of customer relations within Believe in ME.

To provide the best coaching experience and to effectively support and relay information to the client.

1.4 Do we share this data?

Your data is not shared with or sold to any individuals outside of Believe in ME and associated third party e- commerce partners such as Etsy.
All customers are welcome to request a list of third party partners so that they may also contact or inspect their direct compliance with GDPR.

Written data from coaching sessions will only be shared directly with the client. If in a rare case concerning safe guarding issues, information may be shared with the appropriate professionals under strict confidentiality, the client will be informed of this.

2. How do we keep your data secure?

2.1 Data stored digitally
The information collected during the checkout process is stored within the third
party websites we trade with which are Etsy, Facebook & Instagram.
All of the above third parties have their own responsibility to the GDPR compliance.
Believe in ME currently runs data on one Laptop and one device. All have up to date technical security and are password protected. Only Staff of Believe in ME are authorised to use these devices and therefore allowed permission to any data stored by third party website.
We employ security measures on all of our devices to ensure data is stored securely.

2.2 Data stored as a hard copy
Believe in ME may keep and store notes taken during 1:1 coaching sessions, these will only be kept for the duration of our sessions and will be stored in compliance with GDPR regulations in a secure locked cabinet.

3. Requesting a Copy of the Data we hold

3.1 The process
You can request a copy of all the data we currently hold on file for you. We are legally required to provide this to you free of charge and within a month of the original request and are happy to do so at any time.

4. Requesting we delete all data we hold

4.1 The process
If you want us to delete all information we have on file we are legally required to do so should you request it and we are happy to do so promptly.
Believe in ME have never and will never share any details that have been sent to us by our valued customers and will delete any information not currently stored via third party e-commerce (i.e messages within social media) within 30 days of the order being processed as standard.

This policy was last updated June 2019.